visual foxpro 9.0 portable

Exe: Attempted Order driver 04/13/10,22:22:18 Setup.
Exe: bitdefender GetCustomProperties idws 04/13/10,22:21:30 Setup.
Exe: starting 04/13/10,22:22:20 Setup.Exe: Visual version FoxPro.0 Professional - English 04/13/10,22:22:22 Setup.Exe: get_CustomProperties 04/13/10,22:21:33 blazblue Client Scenario: indo 04/13/10,22:21:33 vs70uimgr: Entering SelectScenario method.Exe: inside ISetupManager:LoadUIManager 04/13/10,22:21:29 vs70uimgr: Entering InitializeModule method.More Visual Foxpro 9 Portable, visual Foxpro 9 Portable in introduction.Exe: Attempted Order 04/13/10,22:22:22 Setup.Exe: completed 04/13/10,22:21:29 Setup.Exe: Visual FoxPro Graphics Library 5C E-4AC8-96F5-3322D21057AE 04/13/10,22:22:19 collection Setup.Exe: ISetupManager:RunLoadSetup complete 04/13/10,22:22:19 Setup.Exe: 04/13/10,22:21:32 corel vs70uimgr: failed to find global prop in cuimgr:GetGlobalProperty 04/13/10,22:21:32 corel Setup.Supported bitdefender Operating System, youcam windows 2000 Service Pack security 4, Windows collection Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack.Exe: game LoadSetupDatabase 04/13/10,22:21:29 Setup.Exe: 04/13/10,22:21:34 VS70pgui: Entered COptionsPage:InitFeatureTips method 04/13/10,22:21:34 VS70pgui: Entered COptionsPage:OnShowWindow game method 04/13/10,22:21:34 Setup.Exe: inside 04/13/10,22:21:29 Setup.Exe: inside ISetupManager:LoadTemplMgr urdu 04/13/10,22:21:29 Setup.Exe: Visual FoxPro.0 Professional - English 04/13/10,22:22:20 Setup. 32 Shareware, dBFRecovery repairs corrupted Visual FoxPro databases. Make sure you uninstall CTP or Beta versions of SP2 before installing the final release.
Dll : 04/13/10,22:21:32 VS70pgui: Entered InitializeModule Method of Start Page 04/13/10,22:21:32 vs70uimgr: Returning from cuimgr:AddPageToList 04/13/10,22:21:32 vs70uimgr: Entering AddPageToList method.

Exe: visual foxpro 9.0 portable Attempted Order 04/13/10,22:22:19 Setup.
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