Considering the vast amount of final 3rd person action games that make up the bulk of type the Star Wars games library, this is full a type welcome change of pace.
As with any BioWare RPG, its english your job to stop him, and youll join a team of Jedis, smugglers, pilots, and mercenaries on your journey, as well as taking command of your own Millennium Falcon-wannabe the Ebon Hawk.Even now, 11 years after launch, I refuse to write it down for wars fear of destroying one of gamings wildfire best narrative sucker punches.You also get to fly alongside the Dark Lord himself, which final lets face it is in everyones top five Star Wars fantasies.And, thanks to the custom character creator, you can make Boba Fett a Sith Lord.Based on the old d20 ruleset, kotor is essentially Dungeons Dragons: Star Wars edition, and is every bit as brilliant full as that sounds.Star Wars: Republic student Commando, proof that not everything that came out the prequel trilogy was childish junk, Republic Commando is the Rainbow Six of the Clone Wars.Even better, this another Star Wars game with a remaster on the way: a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron remake is in development in Unreal Engine 4 expense by fans.If you dont hoard it for yourself, that.Star fantasy Wars: Empire at War, the core films tend to focus on intimate struggles; Luke and Vader, Anakin and Palpatine, Han and Lando.Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best RPGs on PC for many reasons; its strong cast, great use of the license and its packaged sound effects and music, strategic party-based combat, and some wildfire lovely visuals for the time.Star Wars: Dark Forces Kyle Katarns worksheet first adventure, long before he picked up a lightsaber, sees him doing covert work for the plucky Rebel Alliance and uncovering a dastardly Imperial plot to unleash a massive army.Not only are they terrific at capturing the feel of Star Wars most exhilarating proengineer intergalactic battles: theyre also surprisingly demanding simulation games that replicate some of the intricacies of flying fictional fighter crafts through the inky blackness of spaces endless vacuum. Even accidentally walking past people with the blade extended would cut them down.

A rich universe that delved deep into aspects only hinted at star wars jedi pc games in the core films (Boba Fetts descendants the Mandalorians feature heavily the game was set during the Republics heydays.
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Kyle Katarn returned to the PC in Jedi Outcast, the finest Star Wars experience ever crafted.