Sally is a feisty hairdresser whose past recollections are about to take made her on one wild ride!
dota Assemble a combination of ingredients on the grammar lower right table, then click on the manager glass container, followed by the grinder station above.Today Sally will before be serving customers inventory and emulator Zea will be cleaning.Once belle the end of the day starts to roll around, pick 3 customers and dont check them clank out at tamil the register until they have 3 hearts beauty or less.Earn a total of 15 or more quick bonuses xforce to achieve todays goal.The coffee machine is located to the left of the doorway.Cross any extra items you dont need off your tray once assembled, then simply repeat until you complete todays challenge.Appears over the bed once a customer is done with it, click on it immediately.Find all 10 pieces before the end of the day to complete the challenge.Francois wants to make book a mud castle tools today.Mouse Locations section for a complete list of all the places where Carl can be found, or simply click on Mouse inventory Location under the level youre looking.As soon as the!The same rules apply today, only youll have a little extra help.Checkout a total of 8 customers within 45 seconds to complete todays challenge.Note: This does gameclub not apply to challenge levels.All story levels, challenges, and Carl the mouse locations are shown.If you can clean every station within 15 seconds today, youll earn a diamond for your efforts.Its time to earn your passage aboard!Sallys Salon Beauty Secrets Challenge 4 Challenge 5 Money Talks, I Listen Make at least one checkout every 30 seconds or less.Youll need to make extras in addition to customers regular orders to reach todays goal. Level 23: Inside the tent, just below the small table with the lantern.
Sallys Salon Beauty Secrets Mice Locations Level 60 Snuggford Minigames Each level and chapter features short challenges called minigames.