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Once youve completed setup on the ICS host, take the floppy to the next computer and insert it in the drive.
Single Direct Connection To The Internet This computer connects directly to the Internet.Previous, next, jun 8, 2004, archived from groups: ternet.Ill assume you have made this choice in the following steps.In that case, it might be preferable to change the computer name so that you dont have to adopt a different user name.If you want to protect your files from tampering, remove the tick tuneup from Allow Other Users To Change My Files.When you run the Network Setup Wizard, you are given a total of five choices, on two registered screens, which identify how you connect your home player or small office network to each other, and / or to the Internet.When you initially open player My Network Places, youll see icons for the Shared Files folder of each of the active network computers.The ICS host has calculate a direct connection, either by dial-up modem or high-speed link, to the Internet and provides bang access to the Internet for other computers on the network.If covert you have a computer running another version of Windows, like Windows 98 or ME, you can run NetSetup.This Computer Connects Directly To The Internet.If youve been lusting season after your sisters colour photo printer, you can now print directly to it from your own machine.On the down serial side, though, wireless LANs tend to be slower, less robust and appreciably more expensive than traditional Ethernet LANs.Multiple Direct Internet Connections This computer connects to the Internet directly or through a network hub.Install the adaptors, setup install the network adaptors and install your modem on the ICS host computer (you can also theory let the computers connect to the Internet independently by installing modems on each).It can also cause inconvenience to other users who have created shortcuts to shared resources on your system."Dick" LeadWinger wrote in message news.Windows XP does not allow you to create a user account whose name is the same as the computer name. The Network Setup Wizard sets the proper permissions on shared folders, adds required keys to the registry, configures protocols bang and binds them to network cards, enables or disables the Internet Connection Firewall, and adjusts system policies so that file sharing works season properly over the network.