This stage, in terms of proengineer Sufism, is called Oneness with the final Holy Prophet (Fana fir Rasul).
So this is what His Eminence Shaykh has said that idate epub is represented in that wildfire picture.
Reflective thinking for one hour is better than 70 years of supererogatory worship.You are me and I am you.That you will be keygen raised to the exact proportion of even full your finger prints.Imagine yourself cooler in the presence of your Shaykh and him episode sitting in front of you.The mind of the mentor keeps on transferring to the spiritual associate according to the passion of love and longing for the mentor flows in him and there comes a time when the lights operative in Shaikh which actually are the reflections of Beatific Visions.Therefore they must safeguard it by seeking forgiveness (Istighfar) because seeking forgiveness will purify it and sanctify cooler it and prepare the seeker for the Real Manifestation of Allah everywhere.When review we imagine the spiritual mentor or Shaykh, as a matter of eternal law, the knowledge of Heavenly Attributes operative in the mentor or Shaykh is reflected upon our mind with frequent repetitions resulting in enlightenment of the mind of the spiritual associate with the.That also means make the Shaykhs house in your heart.It is a big fight.Islamic intel Meditation Muraqaba To make progress on this journey, the seeker must bring into his heart the picture of his Shaykh ( tasawwur as it is the most powerful means of detaching oneself activation from the hold of the senses.So cross this picture is depicting the mureed entering the Shaykh into his heart.Hands are Dressed with Allahs Beautiful Names. Shaykh clearly wrote: launcher let the Shaykh enter your heart.

When the image of fire transfers on the mental screen, the warmth and heat of the fire is perceived by the mind.
Some of the wise men said and then Shaykh writes let the Shaykh enter your heart.