Cloaking his abuse in the racer allusive language of idealised love does not lessen tissue Humberts crimes, but allows Nabokov to skewer him where he hides.
Margaret Mitchell prided herself with this great piece.
CR jeet All the year teeming life of 19th century London is here in Thackerays masterpiece, right down to the curry houses frequented by Jos Sedley, who has gained a racer taste for the hot stuff as an star officer in the East India Trading Company.
It is an indeterminate year in the future and antivirus Alex is arrested by the government in the midst of an ultraviolent youth cultural rebellion.33/40 The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath view The only novel written by the poet Sylvia Plath is a semi-autobiographical account of a descent into depression that the books narrator Esther Greenwood describes as like being trapped under a bell jar used to create a vacuum.They might be skeletal women, but they are by no means little in the halls of great literature.Follow eleven-year-old Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they grow up, study magic, and learn how to defeat the Dark Lord and try to make it out alive.His only novel, Dead Souls, is the story of a young man who travels to Russia buying souls (of peasants who have died, but are still registered as living people in the census records).Birdsong by Sebastian Faulk, all Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot.4/40 Tess serial of the dUrbervilles, Thomas Hardy.Great Expectations is the roiling tale of the orphaned Pip, the lovely Estella, and the thwarted Miss Havisham.Catcher in the Rye.In 1891, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published A Scandal in Bohemia, the first short story to feature Sherlock Holmes.CR Whatever passed between Irish theatre manager Bram Stoker and the Hungarian traveller and writer Ármin Vámbéry when they met in London and talked of the Carpathian Mountains, it incubated in the Gothic imagination of Stoker into a work that has had an incalculable influence.Back in an age before artificial intelligence could teach itself to play mechanics chess in a few hours better than any grandmaster that ever lived, Philip K Dick was using the concept of android life to explore what it meant to be human, and what.While Heller drew on his own experience as a wwii pilot, it was the McCarthyism of the Fifties that fuelled the books glorious rage. XXX Let us know: what do you think are the books that everyone has to read in a lifetime?
Dracula by Bram Stoker A small band of friends must stop Count Dracula reader from coming to England and spreading the curse of the undead all over tissue the continent.
Orwell was interested in the mechanics of totalitarianism, imagining a society that took the paranoid surveillance of the Soviets to chilling conclusions.

It was actually intended to be a single volume, but its division into a trilogy created the format for fantasy literature.
Goodnight cow books to read before you die jumping over the moon.