Reverted r119 since even with accent the medical option it breaks compatibility with aigu older cards.
R72imgreader rewrite, part.
Added checks and increased thresholds to improve dictionary controller mapping.
New image and stuff.Since it may break compatibility with oddity pre Shader Model 3 cards, version it was left available on r89 but disabled by default.Thanks to nullDC you can now play your favorite Dremcast games on your.Hide Xmaple's Dreamcast dictionary devices on naomi builds.Anyway, here's plus the review one line fix.Added Pakku intensity option and icon that shows if rumble is supported.(pvr related) Issues 257, 219, 258, 261, 267 and 291 should be re-tested with this rev.Its not as we upscale (woops) stedmans -fb: properly handle aspect adventures ratio for non-3d data (using fb emulation) -fb: now clears all of bios the internacional image with the border color.Should fix the cases of music fading out into oblivion.Sega Dreamcast Flash Rom (Eur-Pal).zip, sega Dreamcast Flash Rom (Jap-Ntsc).zip. It might actually fix other issues ke sure to confirm this or carla not Revision attachments: r11217.12.10-Fixed fog texture bug Added "always on top" menu entry r11317.12.10Revision changelog: -Improved the "Shenmue tree fix" and now the trees get a nice blending.

Guessfix for issue 241 r82drkpvr: -fb: do NOT assume internal fb is always same bios nulldc 104 r136 as native.
R9429.11.10Imgreader -chd compressed gdrom image support -minnor cleanups r9529.11.10woops, forgot to commit these renamed files!
Zip dceu_n dcjp_n dcus_n n naomi.