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They reveal that it is game makeover time, but that there will be steel a few twists.For the photo batch shoot, the girls are styled in a Steampunk fashion in a train station where they will pose with an batman owl named Groovy profit from Harry Potter movies.Later, the girls ventured to Jamaicas famous Dunn's River Falls, where greeted by Tyra, who would be their photographer for the day.Laura James has been signed with New York Model Management,.A.First call-out : Leila draw Goldkuhl Bottom two : Kristin Kagay Laura James Eliminated : Kristin Kagay Featured photographer : Tyra Banks Special guests : Cedella Marley, P'Trique The Girl Who Freaks Out On Horseback First aired November game 9, 2012 The girls are challenged to shoot.Templatestyles "You Can Now Vote For America's Next Top Model".On March 28, 2013, she shot a campaign with Guess along with world-renowned DJ Tiësto and another female model for WMag Event.Destiny later discusses the matter with some of the other girls behind Kiara's game back, unknowing wheeler of the fact that Kiara is listening the entire time.Kiara and Nastasia received good feedback, Leila and Victoria did pretty well, while Kristin and Laura received the lowest scores, which angered drift Kristin.This separate competition was documented on the "Comeback series which was untelevised and instead shown on The CW 's official website.Model Theme Kiara Metal Kristin Fabric Laura Shells Leila Wood Nastasia Pipes The girl who could strike the best pose under the cascading waterfall, would win the honor of having her photo grace the walls of Tyras home.These included the new scoring system, a luxurious private room called the "Tyra Suite which only best photo winners, along with another girl of their choice, could have access to, and the "scholarship bank in which the winner of each challenge would receive a 10,000."Friday Final TV Ratings: 'America's Next Top Model' 'Dateline' Adjusted Down Final Preseason Football Numbers for CBS".Templatestyles "Tyra Banks Fires 'America's Next Top Model' Judges: 'The Show Needs A New Boost' (video."Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Shark Tank' Adjusted Up, 'America's Next Top Model' Adjusted Down".Maria renamer refuses to do tinten the photo shoot, citing that she has been doubting herself ever since she began the competition.Victoria is saved and Brittany is eliminated, but after the elimination Tyra told Brittany that they will reveal the girl that will come back to the competition but it was cut and continued next week."The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra" November 2, 2012 .4/1. Victoria won best photo, while Darian and Yvonne landed in the bottom two.
Laura, Leila and Brittany shine, while Yvonne and Destiny struggle.