hello, try this ebook link for openssh.7 or lower: /dtucker/openssh aixbff and hudson this one for openssl.9.7 which is recommanded for the above ssh-install: additional Gotcha for me is the Compiled-in-TCP-Wrapper support.
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Do not use the -mpower, audio -mpowerpc, -mpower2, or -mpowerpc64 options.

To embed the gnome xslt engine' libxslt.1.32 License RPM srpm 'Library providing the gnome xslt engine' libyaml-devel.1.4 License RPM srpm 'Development files for Libyaml applications' libyaml.1.4 License RPM srpm 'yaml.1 parser and emitter aix toolbox for linux applications 5.3 written in C' logrotate.14.0 License RPM srpm.
AIX Toolbox, frequently Asked Questions.