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Att denna wlan Access Point står i överensstämmelse med de väsentliga egenskapskrav och övriga windows relevanta bestämmelser som framgår av direktiv 1999/5/EG.
2 Use AirPort exam Utility plugins on your season computer or AirPort Setup Assistant on an ios device to hack do one of the following: Set up a new network that wireless computers can waves use to communicate with each other.
The status light on the front of AirPort Express shows the current status.31 gigabyte 32 gigabyte Obtaining Warranty Service If your AirPort Express appears to be damaged or doesn t function properly, follow the advice in this booklet, the onscreen help, and backup the online resources.If your AirPort Express stops responding completely, you may word need to reset it to the factory default settings.Don t place your AirPort Express in areas surrounded by metal surfaces on three or more sides.For competitive more detailed wireless networking information, and for information about the advanced features of AirPort Utility, see the document Apple AirPort Networks at Configuring and Sharing Internet Access If you plan to share your Internet connection with wireless computers on your network or with.Extreme and AirPort Express base stations. .If you connect AirPort Express to your stereo or powered speakers, you can use AirPlay books to play music from itunes on any computer or from an ios device on your network.Cordless telephones that operate in the.4 GHz range.8 Chapter 1 Getting Started 9 Connecting Your AirPort Express Before you plug in your AirPort Express, first connect the appropriate cables to the ports you want to use including: Â Â An Ethernet cable connecting your DSL or cable modem to the WAN port.Malti Hawnhekk, Apple Inc., jiddikjara li dan wlan Access Point jikkonforma mal-tiijiet essenzjali u ma provvedimenti orajn relevanti li hemm fid-dirrettiva 1999/5/EC.Taiwan Class B Statement Japan vcci Class B Statement Singapore Wireless Certification Taiwan Wireless Statements Russia 40 41 waves Disposal and Recycling Information Brasil Informações sobre descarte e reciclagem This symbol instal indicates that your product must be disposed of properly according to local laws and regulations.The farther away the interference source, the less likely it is to cause a problem.To check the connection, see the documentation that came with your computer.Vakuuttaa täten, että tämä wlan Access Point tyyppinen laite on direktiivin 1999/5/EY oleellisten vaatimusten ja sitä koskevien direktiivin muiden ehtojen mukainen.If you connect your AirPort Express to your stereo or powered speakers, computers on your wireless network can use AirPlay to play itunes music on the stereo or speakers.2 Follow the onscreen instructions to join an existing network. If you re using a Windows computer, make sure the wireless card or adapter is installed correctly.
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If airport express setup assistant software your AirPort Express needs service, see Chapter 5, Learning More, Service, and Support on page.
Dichiara che questo dispositivo wlan Access Point è conforme ai requisiti essenziali ed alle altre disposizioni pertinenti stabilite dalla direttiva 1999/5/CE.
Light Off Solid green Flashing amber Solid amber Flashing amber and green Status/description AirPort Express is unplugged.